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tiny prefab homes spain

Discover the world of sustainable living with chic tiny prefab homes in Spain. Designed and built by Madrid-based Tiny Mobile Homes, these eco-friendly spaces offer a stylish and efficient solution for those looking to live lightly on the land.

Using prefab components, these homes minimize on-site construction and reduce their impact on natural sites. With a focus on sustainable design principles, Tiny Mobile Homes creates spaces that blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape, allowing residents to connect with nature while enjoying all the comforts of modern living.

One of their standout models, the tini® M, was masterfully customized by architect Pilar Cano-Lasso to create a tranquil refuge on the outskirts of Madrid. Nestled among mature holm oak trees, this tiny home features a combination of glass and Corten steel for its exterior walls, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Inside, warm wood surfaces and a cozy atmosphere await, complete with a fireplace and a birch wood kitchen.

These tiny prefab homes in Spain are designed to immerse residents in nature, with extra glazing allowing for breathtaking views and ample natural light. Whether you’re looking for a permanent home or a temporary living space while planning for something larger, these sustainable and stylish homes offer an inviting and environmentally conscious living experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tiny prefab homes in Spain offer sustainable living in eco-friendly spaces.
  • Designed and built by Madrid-based Tiny Mobile Homes, these homes use prefab components to minimize on-site construction.
  • The tini® M model, customized by architect Pilar Cano-Lasso, blends seamlessly with the natural landscape.
  • These tiny homes feature extra glazing to allow for immersion in nature and ample natural light.
  • Whether a permanent home or a temporary living space, these tiny prefab homes offer a stylish and environmentally conscious living experience.

The Rise of Tiny Prefab Homes

With rising housing prices, there has been an increased interest in smaller, more affordable options. Tiny houses and prefab units have become popular choices for those seeking compact and efficient living spaces. Madrid-based architecture firm Delavegacanolasso is contributing to this trend with their tini series of prefab tiny houses. These units come in different sizes and are designed for easy occupancy. They can serve as permanent homes or temporary living spaces while planning for larger houses. Prefab tiny homes offer a practical and cost-effective solution for those looking for sustainable and affordable housing options.

  • Modular houses provide a customizable and versatile housing solution.
  • Small housing solutions are gaining popularity due to rising housing prices.
  • Affordable houses are becoming a necessity for many individuals and families.
  • The tini series of prefab tiny houses by Delavegacanolasso offers compact and efficient living spaces.
  • These units are available in different sizes and can serve as permanent or temporary homes.

Advantages of modular houses include their flexibility to be customized, quick construction time, and reduced construction waste. These small housing solutions are not only affordable but also sustainable, allowing individuals to live in compact yet functional spaces. The rise of tiny prefab homes presents an innovative and practical solution for those seeking affordable and environmentally friendly housing options.

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Stay tuned for the next section, where we will explore the sustainable and efficient design features of these tiny prefab homes.

Sustainable and Efficient Design

The tini® M model by Delavegacanolasso showcases an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to home design. The house features a semi-oxidised steel facade that harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings. With an abundance of glass, the design maximises natural light, creating a bright and inviting interior.

Furthermore, the tini® M model prioritises energy efficiency through its well-insulated structure. Recycled cotton insulation and reflective thermal insulation help maintain a comfortable living environment while reducing energy consumption. The house can also be customised with optional add-ons such as water tanks, septic tanks, and solar panels, enabling off-grid living and reducing dependency on traditional energy sources.

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High-Quality Materials and Functional Design

Inside the tini® M model, every detail is carefully planned for efficient and sustainable living. The interior is finished with high-quality birch wood, creating a warm and natural atmosphere. Oak flooring adds elegance and durability, while pine wood furniture complements the overall aesthetic.

The design emphasises functionality with a minimalist yet fully functional kitchenette. It features a countertop, sink, stove, and ample storage space, catering to the needs of eco-conscious individuals who appreciate simplicity without compromising convenience. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink, completing the self-contained living experience.

Embodying efficient architecture, the tini® M model incorporates a wood stove for supplementary heating during the cold winter months. This alternative heating method not only adds a cozy ambiance but also reduces reliance on central heating systems, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Connecting with Nature

One of the key objectives of the tini® M model is to establish a connection between the occupants and their natural surroundings. Through strategically placed large windows, the design offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, bringing nature into the living space and fostering a sense of tranquillity.

With low emissivity and solar control glazing, the tini® M model ensures optimal thermal control, effectively balancing natural light and energy efficiency. The house can be intelligently positioned to take advantage of natural shading and maximize captivating views, further enhancing the connection with the environment.

The tini® M model can be customised to serve as an off-grid micro-home, promoting a minimalistic lifestyle while still offering comfort and sustainability. This allows occupants to live lightly and harmoniously with nature while envisioning a larger main house in the future.

Connecting with Nature

The tini® M model is designed to connect occupants with nature. The house features large windows that provide views of the surrounding landscape and allow for natural light to fill the interior. The glazing has low emissivity and solar control to achieve optimal thermal control. The house can be strategically located to take advantage of natural shading and views. The tini® M model can be customized to create an off-grid micro-home, allowing occupants to live lightly and comfortably while planning for a larger main house. Emphasizing a minimalistic lifestyle, the tiny prefab home offers a cozy and sustainable living experience.

Versatility and Customization

The tini® series of prefab tiny houses offers a wide range of options for customization, allowing individuals to create their ideal living space. Whether you have specific needs or unique preferences, the tini® houses can be tailored to suit your requirements. These modular houses come in various sizes, providing flexibility to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences.

When it comes to the exterior design, the tini® houses offer a range of finishes to choose from. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a rustic and natural aesthetic, you can customize the exterior to enhance the overall style of your home. For example, the semi-oxidized steel facade option adds a contemporary touch to your tiny prefab house, combining durability with aesthetic appeal.

Not only can you personalize the exterior, but you also have the freedom to design your own unique interior. The tini® houses offer a wide selection of materials, finishes, and furniture choices, allowing you to create a space that reflects your personal style and taste. From high-quality wood surfaces to stylish fixtures, you can customize every detail of your tiny home to create a truly bespoke living experience.

Moreover, the tini® houses are designed to be adaptable to different locations. Whether you want to move to a new area or simply relocate your tiny home within your property, the modular design allows for easy transportation and setup. This means you can enjoy the flexibility of living in your desired location without compromising on the comforts and conveniences of a contemporary home.

With their contemporary design and customizable features, the tini® series of prefab tiny houses provide a stylish and efficient solution for sustainable living. Whether you’re looking for a compact yet functional permanent home or a temporary living space while planning for a larger house, these modular houses offer endless possibilities for creating a space that suits your individual needs and reflects your unique style.

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Tiny prefab homes in Spain offer a sustainable and chic living solution. These modular houses provide efficient and customizable spaces that blend with the natural surroundings. With their compact size and eco-friendly features, they offer an opportunity for minimalistic living and off-grid experiences. Whether used as permanent homes or temporary living spaces, tiny prefab homes in Spain showcase contemporary design and sustainable living principles.

With the rising interest in smaller, more affordable housing options, these tiny homes offer a practical and stylish solution to the housing needs of today.

Experience the beauty of tiny prefab homes Spain and discover the perfect blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Embrace a minimalist lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of living in a compact and eco-friendly home. Explore the versatility of modular houses and personalize your space to create the perfect sanctuary. With their innovative design and eco-conscious features, these tiny prefab homes are an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and sustainable way of living.


What are tiny prefab homes?

Tiny prefab homes are small, modular houses that are pre-built in a factory and then transported to their desired location. They are an efficient and cost-effective housing solution that minimizes on-site construction time and reduces their impact on natural sites.

Why are tiny prefab homes becoming popular?

Tiny prefab homes are becoming popular due to rising housing prices and the growing interest in smaller, more affordable housing options. They offer compact and efficient living spaces that can serve as permanent homes or temporary living spaces while planning for larger houses.

How are tiny prefab homes sustainable?

Tiny prefab homes are sustainable because they are designed with eco-friendly features and materials. They often utilize energy-efficient insulation, solar panels for off-grid living, and water-saving systems. Their small size also requires fewer resources to build and maintain, reducing their carbon footprint.

Can I customize the design of a tiny prefab home?

Yes, most tiny prefab homes offer customization options. The exterior design can be personalized with different finishes, such as a semi-oxidized steel facade or other materials. The interior can also be tailored to individual preferences with a range of materials, finishes, and furniture choices.

Can tiny prefab homes be transported to any location?

Yes, one of the advantages of tiny prefab homes is their mobility. They can be transported to any desired site, making them suitable for various locations and environments. This allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of sustainable and stylish living in different settings.

Are tiny prefab homes suitable for off-grid living?

Yes, tiny prefab homes can be equipped with solar panels, water tanks, and septic tanks, making them suitable for off-grid living. With their small size, efficient design, and sustainable features, they provide an opportunity for minimalistic and self-sufficient living.

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